Physican Patien CaregiverAll healthcare professionals want to make a difference in patient’s lives, but this can sometimes be an uphill climb, specifically when dealing with patient compliancy issues.  This is often where a service such as a medication call reminder service can make a difference.  Today, clinicians are very much aware that there is an ongoing patient adherence problem that is widespread across the country.  In fact, more than 40% of patients don’t follow through on their prescribed medication therapy treatment.  This isn’t because they intentionally default.  It’s simply because they forget to take their medication, or they might not be able to afford it.  Despite the reasoning for non-adherence, it is all disconcerting, and dangerous within the elderly population.

The good news here is that, emerging technology like a medication call reminder service is transforming healthcare today.  This technology is helping clinicians better manage medication adherence and minimize the complications associated with non-adherence to medication therapy programs.  For example, let’s consider a patient who is required to take multiple prescriptions a day.  This can become difficult to manage, and if the patient is elderly, several adverse scenarios can come into play, such as:

  • The patient takes their medication in the morning, but forgets what time they’ve done so, and administers the next dosage too soon. This can be as bad, or worse, than non-compliancy.
  • The patient is required to take a specific dosage of medication several times daily for management of a chronic condition, but they accidentally miss a dose.
  • The patient is on a specific time schedule for medication, but they never can remember to take it on time.

Remember, doctors and other healthcare professionals are only a small part of quality patient care.  The patient has a responsibility to his or her healthcare regimen as well.  But, if they have memory impairment, a disability, or some other impediment preventing them from adherence, a medication call reminder service is a technology they can benefit from.  And, so can healthcare service providers in general.  This technology can lower costs associated with non-adherence, while consistently improving patient’s lives.

Combined Technology Improves the Adherence of Medication Therapy Programs

Combined, advanced technology today does boost patient adherence to a medication therapy program. A medication call reminder service alone can minimize, improve upon, or eliminate scenarios like these bulleted below:

  • Has the potential to lower the current 125,000 deaths a year due to non-compliance
  • Gives care givers peace of mind by alerting them when their loved one has taken their prescribed medication on time
  • Offers an affordable solution for caregivers to manage their loved ones’ medication therapy regimen
  • When utilized appropriately, this technology can lower treatment failures and minimize readmissions
  • Can provide a cost savings solution for the management of chronic conditions patients have, such as those with diabetes or a progressive heart condition

Naturally, the clear potential benefits that a medication call reminder service provide patients are tremendous.  And this kind of technology can certainly help clinicians, caregivers and other medical professionals improve upon the quality of care patients have access too as well.  This is an affordable solution that is user friendly for everyone—even those not tech savvy, at any age!


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